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Welcome to the official WordPress for Thaipusam DTVM!

We are four students from DTVM who are working on a documentary on Thaipusam 2013. Our profile M. Siva, underwent Thaipusam this year. And he took us on a journey through the eyes of someone doing Thaipusam. And we’ve captured every moment of it on camera.

When your life comes to a standstill, and you seek help from the big guy up there, how do you thank him when he answers your prayers? For M. Siva, and other Hindu devotees alike, Thaipusam is a festival where many express their gratitude to the God Murugan, thanking him for the new lease of life granted to them.

“Thaipusam: A Journey” enraptures a man’s emotional and spiritual journey during Thaipusam, from start to finish. This film discusses issues of devotion and willpower, and also aims to serve as a reminder for us to be thankful for what we have, and not take anything for granted.

On this blog, we’ll be posting not just bits and pieces of our production, but also interesting information related to Thaipusam. As well as the themes we find that are related to our documentary.


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