What is Thaipusam?

Our film documents one man’s journey going through Thaipusam.

But what is it? It’s not easy being interested in something you know nothing about.
But in this post, We’re hoping to solve that for all of you.

In a nutshell, Thaipusam is a Hinduism festival, associated with Lord Murugan.


This is Lord Murugan, with six different faces

Murugan was created by the god Shiva, during a war between two groups of deities. The Asuras, and the Devas. During this particular war, the Devas were losing pretty badly. They then gave themselves and prayed to Shiva. They asked him for a leader that would lead them to victory. And thus, Murugan was born. Created by Shiva, and lead the Devans to victory against the Asuras.


The cosmic wars between the Asuras and the Devas

Thaipusam is the festival commemorating Murugan’s triumph in battle. It was on Thaipusam when Murugan was given his signature divine javelin spear, Vel.

Many people seem to think that Thaipusam is Murugan’s birthday, but this is a misconception.

Many Hindus pray to Murugan for things they wish for, such as the strength to pull through a difficult point in their lives, ect. And when their prayers are answered, they go through Thaipusam to thank their gods for making their lives better.


Praying to Lord Murugan in gratitude

And that is why people go through with Thaipusam.

Our documentary covers the entire procession of Thaipusam.. So look forward to that if you’re interested! So what do you think of Thaipusam? Leave your comments below!


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