The Power of Will

The procession of Thaipusam is not only a physically difficult one, but a mentally demanding one as well. Having nearly 110 long, potentially lethal spikes sticking into your body, all while supporting a 10kg heavy Kavadi (the structure they carry on their bodies) is ridiculously nerve-wrecking in itself. Once everything is in place, you have brave whatever Singapore’s terrible weather can throw at you, barefooted as well.

So how does Siva, and many others find the strength to do this?

Siva informs us that more than anything, it is about will power.


With pain dampeners of any kind, Siva braces himself for the most painful part of the process.

Will power is defined as having self control, and discipline over your body to go through with your hardships. But where does this strong will of theirs come from? Over the course of our filming, we watched our profile Siva closely.

We learnt that Religion is a powerful tool. People like Siva, who devotes himself to his god, find within the strength to carry out something as tedious as Thaipusam, because they feel so strongly about their god and their beliefs.

We also learnt that people find strength and comfort in numbers. Siva wasn’t the only person doing Thaipusam. If everyone else around could do it, why couldn’t he?

But most importantly, we realized that what gave Siva the most strength, is the people around him. His closest friends and family. It is impossible to do Thaipusam without people supporting you. Not only do they help you with the procession, but they give you the strength you need to pull through.


Siva’s supporters helping him out, making his journey just that much easier to make.

So what give YOU strength? Leave a reply below!


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