When was the last time you felt truly grateful?

The physically demanding trail of Thaipusam is definitely not an easy one to make. However an even bigger challenge, is to muster up the willpower, and the determination to make the decision to partake in something like that in the first place.

Thanking Lord Murugan during prayers

Thanking Lord Murugan during prayers

Research suggests that doing something out of gratitude provides much more of a drive, and gives one more willpower.

One of the reasons devotees such as Siva are able to take on the walk of Thaipusam, is because they feel grateful towards their god, for helping them in their life. Sometimes they pray for things to go well in their lives, and the gods they pray to ensures their wishes come true. Usually this helps them in huge ways. This then directly translates into huge amounts of gratitude for their gods.

Traditionally, festivals and events such as Thaipusam are common in Hinduism as a way to show your gratitude to your god for helping you. The trail of Thaipusam shows how grateful each and every devotee is of their god.


Gratitude not only gives you willpower, but also makes you a happier person, and an emotionally stronger person. It gives you the ability to appreciate people better, and that translates into better relationships with the people around you. It really is a shame how little of it goes around in this day and age. When was the last time you were grateful for something?

The surefire way to boost gratitude both in you and others around you, is to help others out a little more. By giving more, your actions directly translate into gratitude in others. In turn, they will give more to you and the people around them, thus spreading both gratitude, and the spirit of giving.

Take a moment to think what you are grateful for. Let us know in the comments below!


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