Thaipusam: From the eyes of Siva Jr.

Hi, my name is Keshaav.

I am already 3 months old – becoming a big boy! In my family there is my Papa, my Mummy, and I. My Mummy’s name is Radhika, and my Papa is Siva. I have known my Mummy and Papa for 12 months (When I was in Mummy’s belly!) and have only seen them for 3 months, but I love them very much.

Mummy takes great care of me…

Me playing with Papa’s wallet with Mummy!

…and Papa is my role model!

Papa with 108 spikes embedded in his skin!

My Papa is a strong and devoted man. He went through the physical, mental, and spiritual journey of what we know as Thaipusam. I’m sure you have a gist of what that’s like through these guys’ documentary updates! When will they ever stop keeping us in suspense and show it to us anyway? I can’t wait!

Anyway, this is the first Thaipusam I have ever been to, and Mummy and I went through the whole procession. She pushed me in my pram all the way from Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple to Sri Thendayuthapani Temple. That means I saw my Papa starting, going through, and ending the journey. Yes – I saw his whole journey! Well, almost…

Oops – Taking a little snooze in ma crib

You see, I am probably cooler than your average baby because I have no problem sleeping through loud music or loud noises. Since I was young(er), I have always enjoyed my lullabies with the volume cranked up! I love Papa, but the lure of the sweet, sweet trumpets and drums made me float into deep slumber a little more than I would have liked!

 That’s not to say I wasn’t still an angel…

Chillin’ on Mummy’s shoulder

Look! Wide awake and not one tear in my eye!

Anyway, all that I did see was truly amazing. My Papa’s faith makes him not only a man of confidence, but also a man of his words. Afterall, he went through Thaipusam after his prayer from God was answered…

Maybe he prayed for a cute, healthy little boy? In that case, I can definitely attest to its fulfilment 😉


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