We’re from DTVM, or Diploma in Creative Writing for TV and New Media.

This blog is one managed by the four of us, to document and provide information on the subject on which we are producing a documentary about, as well as bits and pieces of our actual production.

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We are..


Shahidah Adriana.. @wthisccchanel
– It was a fulfilling experience as a producer because I would have never done this on my own. It was totally out of my comfort zone, and I felt that by going through the journey with Siva, it made me realise how religion can shape a person to be stronger.

Lim Zhao Yi.. @lzhaoyi
– Camerawork has never been more tiring because this is the first time I had to film a live event and walk under the hot sun, but it made me realise how much Siva has to go through. It was a fulfilling experience.
– Editing was overwhelming but fun. I think I’m immune to the needles now.

Shreya Acharya.. @rushoendorphins
– Filming mainly the close-up shots made me see Siva’s every expression and emotion as he went through his journey. It made me see his devotion and look up to him as he trudge on even with pain in his eyes.

Wong Cong Xu.. @CxOo2
– As the creative director of this film, I felt that it was interesting to work with material like Thaipusam because it’s not something you get to experience everyday. The journey with Siva opened my eyes not just to cultural practices, such as Thaipusam, but also the perseverance and willpower a person can posses.


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